13 June 2010

Well, that crashed and burned quickly.

So Germany applied a big smackeroo to Australia, 4-0. The win didn't surprise me, but the margin did. More to the point, with star Tim Cahill out for a red-card offense, the Aussies' chances to advance sunk through the floor. If they want to succeed at something this month, maybe they should apply for Pac-10 membership.

In the meantime, that bracket I posted last Tuesday now lies in ruins. I had tipped the U.S. to reach the semifinals, but that assumed that the Yanks would win Group C and draw Australia in the round of 16. The Aussies are pretty much out, and with them go the American's most realistic hopes of even getting to the quarter-finals.

At this point, it's pointless to keep posting my picks until the first round has finished. Crazy things will happen, so I anticipate posting something about the Cup every day or two. Just not daily predictions.

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