24 June 2013

I has a sad, I mean, Saad!

On I Can Has Cheezburger, the caption waited all season to write itself.
Brandon Saad had one goal in the 2013 Stanley Cup Final, which concluded successfully tonight for the Chicago Blackhawks.  To say the least, though, his contribution to the Hawks' wire-to-wire dominance this season was nontrivial.

Two goals, 17 seconds apart, to come from behind and win the Cup?  Seriously?  Time to post video of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing "Chelsea Hammer," the song that plays every time the Hawks score at the United Center.

Check that; the CSO rendition is so silly, you'll have to search for it yourself.  Instead, enjoy "Here Come the Hawks," performed by a slightly less silly Ray Coniff-style choir, as the Great Maker intended.

Here Come The Hawks

The Boston Bruins played so well in defeat, I can only give them props.  Instead, the smack has to fly in a more deserving direction.  Have some, Southern California.
  • The Los Angeles Kings suck;
  • The Kings sucked last year, even as they usurped Lord Stanley's trophy;
  • The Kings will keep sucking, world without end.  Or at least until they stop letting Eric Cartman lead the crowd cheers.
Congratulations to the Hawks, Stanley Cup champions again!