11 June 2010

(Okay, I give up.) The Cat Watches the Cup, part 1

Since the first day wasn't a disaster for the projections I made last time, I've decided to post after every day a game is played. The idea is to compare today's results to the prediction I made, then present my picks for tomorrow.

Day 1 predictions:  I picked South Africa and Mexico to draw, 1-1.  Uruguay was to embarrass France by 3-1.

Day 1 results:
  • Bull's-eye on RSA-MEX: 1-1!  Rafael Marquez matched Siphiwe Tshabalala's opening goal to create the tie.  Neither side deserved to win, so the result is fair.
  • France sucked almost as hard as I thought it would in its 0-0 draw.  The bad news is that no one played well enough tonight to win, and that includes Uruguay, too.
  • Everyone in Group A has a point, with Bafana Bafana and El Tri ahead on total goals.
  • My overall projection still rests on the Uruguay-South Africa match.
Day 2 predictions:
  • South Korea meets Greece in the Group B opener -- and they promptly put me to sleep with a goalless draw.  Like I need help sleeping at 0630.
  • In the other Group B match, Argentina opens with a 2-1 win over Nigeria.
  • Group C opens with a 2-1 win by England over the U.S.  (John Oliver goes nuts.)

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Matty Boy said...

I'm not going to see a lot of the early matches, but I have some great options for the games starting at 0700 and 1130. I'm writing about that today on my blog.