12 June 2010

Cat Watches Cup, Day 2

Day 2 results:
  • South Korea looked good, and Greece did not.  2-0 for Korea.  (Prediction: 0-0)
  • Argentina surprised no one with the 1-0 win over Nigeria.  (Prediction: 2-1)
  • The 1-1 draw between the U.S. and England is good for my ego.  For my brackets?  Not so much; I had England winning this one.
  • Only one out of three picked correctly.  Ugh.
Day 3 predictions:
  • Group C winds up with a big Slovenian win over Algeria.
  • Ghana and Serbia finish level, 1-1, to start the Group D action.
  • Australia turns out to have more issues than Germany, so the Socceroos lose, 2-1.

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