19 February 2011

Wisconsin protester WIN!

I'm having trouble figuring it out: are Scott Walker, Chris Christie, John Kasich and their Dominionist and teabagger confederates Republic-serial Hosni Mubarak wannabees, or are they Republic-serial Silvio Berlusconi wannabees? Walker tricks the firefighter and police unions into supporting his gubernatorial run, and then once in office, he tries to screw them along with the other civil servants. The firefighters didn't buy it:



Matty Boy said...

The woman commenting said the firefighters were exempted, but they showed their solidarity anyway.

Good on them!

WV: nessesse. The favorite shampoo for legendary lake monsters everywhere.

Abu Scooter said...

When Gov. Walker mentioned bringing in the National Guard to quell protests, all bets came off. The firefighters surely realized that, however exempt they might be this time, the governor was no longer their friend.

Another part of the story is that the collective-bargaining ban isn't even the heart of the bill. Most of the rest of it transfers a lot of state funding decisions from the legislature to -- surprise! -- the governor. I'm pretty sure no union liked that; and, judging from even the most conservative polls that have come out, neither do Wisconsinites.

Hey, Madison sits on a big lake. Maybe the out-of-staters who've been calling in pizza orders for the protesters could order some of that nessesse. :-)

Matty Boy said...

Does Wisconsin have a provision to recall a governor? Sounds like it's time to give this jackass the Grey Davis treatment.

Abu Scooter said...

Wisconsin allows for the recall of state and local office-holders who have served for one year. Gov. Mubarak, I mean, Walker just took office, so his recall can't come until next January. But the paperwork is already under way, and there could be recall attempts against state senators this spring.