06 February 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Let's play!

A year ago, I had a good idea who would win the Super Bowl, but was too lazy to post my prediction until an hour before kickoff.  This year, I really had a hard time figuring it out.  The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers are two resilient teams, blessed with skilled quarterbacks, stifling defenses and rich championship traditions.  I'm certainly not alone in my skittishness; as of this writing, the spread is still only 3.5 points in favor of the Packers.

I think the key is resilience.  Both sides have been wildly inconsistent, not just from game to game, but from one quarter to the next.  I've seen more detailed tactical analysis of the contestants than is good for me -- most of which managed to miss the fact that the winner will be the team that can string together four good quarters of football.  The Packers have done that better than the Steelers, so they'll win tonight.

It may not even be close:  Green Bay 30-13 Pittsburgh.

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