29 December 2009

Tuesday Gridiron: Game over, dude

How bad was the Minnesota Viking defense last night?  The 36 points it conceded last night wouldn't be so embarrassing if the Chicago Bears offense hadn't scored them.  Yes, those Chicago Bears.

If the Vikings couldn't stop the Bears last night, then what offense could they stop?  Get 11 fluffy kittens like these two, hand them a playbook, and you'd have an idea.  If nine of them were declawed, last night's Minnesota defense might even keep them out of the end zone.

And that's why Team Venture lost its final game of the season.  Needing only an average performance from the Minnesota defense against the NFL's weakest offense, we got last night's travesty instead.  Final score:  WRs Aren't Our Forte 85, Team Venture 72.

I spent all year with no top-flight receiver no top-shelf tight end and no great running back.  I finished the year with only four of my original 14 draft choices.  Under those circumstances, I should've probably finished 4-9 and out of the playoffs.  But Tom Brady and Brett Favre held up their end, one after the other, midseason pickups Danny Amendola and Justin Forsett kicked ass, Nate Kaeding kept kicking the ball through the uprights, and the Minnesota defense dominated for most of the year.  That core, and more than a bit of luck, got me into the playoffs.  All thing's considered, I'd call 7-9 a solid, positive accomplishment.

Now if only I could get a legitimate WR1... .

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