01 January 2010

Victory Weighted NFL playoff scenarios (1/2)

   Happy New Year!   

Yep, I'm typing when I should be getting plastered with too many alcoholic beverages.  The drinking can wait until my friends and family in the West actually reach 2010.  But on to what I had hoped to have finished posting today.

No matter which scheme you use, this NFL season has sorted itself out neatly.  Every playoff spot but two has been decided.  Tonight, I'll survey the ten teams that are already through to the playoffs.  Tomorrow, I'll detail the scenarios involved in the open AFC wild-card race.

Getting a week off

For Indianapolis, New Orleans and San Diego, the official NFL standings and Victory Weighting both mean the same thing.
  • The Colts (AFC South champions) and Saints (NFC South champions) have their conferences' respective top seeds.  Both teams get a first-round bye, and each will host any playoff game its plays until the Super Bowl.
  • The Chargers (AFC West champions) are locked into the AFC's second seed, so they also get a week off.  Like the Colts, will host an AFC wild-card winner on the weekend of 16-17 January.

More division champs

Cincinnati, New England, Arizona and Minnesota have also secured division titles in both the official and Victory Weighting schemes.
  • The Bengals (AFC North champions) and Patriots (AFC East) champions will split the #3 and #4 seeds in the AFC.
  • The Cardinals (NFC West champions) will host a first-round game, as either the #3 or #4 NFC seed.
  • The Vikings (NFC North champions) still have a shot at a first-round bye.

Also in

At this point, Victory Weighting matters; but the Eagles, Cowboys and Packers are all through to the playoffs in some form.
  • Green Bay (NFC North runner-up) is a wild card qualifier.  The Packers will travel to Minnesota, Philadelphia or Arizona for the first round.
  • Were Victory Weighting in effect, Philadelphia would already be NFC East champion, and Dallas would be the other wild-card entry.
  • Officially, the NFC East title will be decided when the Cowboys and Eagles meet in Texas this Sunday.  The winner takes the divisional title (and possibly a bye week), while the loser takes the other NFC wild card.  (A tie favors Philadelphia.)

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