16 December 2009

Tuesday Gridiron: A Very Special Wednesday Edition

Another week, another fantasy-football game where every player on both teams struggle but two or three.  I made it into the playoffs partly because two of those exceptions were always some combination of Brett Favre, Justin Forsett and the Minnesota defense.  This week, they were running backs Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles.  Unfortunately, those two men were playing for the other team.

Desperate for the two or three touchdowns that would've saved me, I sat reliable return man Danny Amendola (223 return yards) in favor of Dallas wideout Roy Williams.  It was a gamble, as lately, Williams has had almost as many touchdowns as receiving yards.  Williams didn't score, so Team Venture ended up on the low end of an 86-65 grinder.  The six-game winning streak that saw me this far is by the boards, and I'm now 7-7.

The first round confirmed what the league had suspected:  my division was the weaker one, sending only three teams into the playoffs.  My division mates also fell, by worse margins than mine, so it's on to the consolation bracket for all three of us.  Those teams meet in one game, while I draw a rematch with Anything But Last, whom I beat 69-43 in early November.  Both of have improved since then, so it's a tossup.

The Victory Weighted NFL standings at the bottom of this page show a couple of deviations from the official NFL playoff race:
  1. In the VW system, New Orleans has clinched its division title, and Arizona's loss at San Francisco secured the Saints' first-round bye.  The Saints haven't quite secured home-field advantage, because their overtime win at Washington cost them a Strength point.
  2. Victory Weighting sends the Jets through to the #6 seed ahead of the Jaguars.  Both New York and Jacksonville own 7-6 records, as do Baltimore and Miami.  As the only team with a Strength as high as 29, the Jets advance without a tiebreaker.

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