10 November 2009

Tuesday Gridiron: More lemony goodness!

The concussion that's been plaguing running back Brian Westbrook (shown at the right) hasn't done any good for either him or his Philadelphia Eagles.  For my fantasy-football team, however, it's done wonders.  Last week's 50-rosaries trade for Westbrook's backup, LeSean McCoy worked spectacularly, and that should have ended the story.  Alas, the Minnesota Vikings had their bye this week, taking with quarterback Brett Favre, RB Chester Taylor and their defense.  Combined with Westbrook's continuing health issues, it forced me into another major roster makeover.

My three new additions, Seattle RB Justin Forsett, the Seahawk defense and Kansas City QB Matt Cassell, proved to be the correct ones, combining for 53 points as temporary starters.  With all my other players also performing well, Team Venture romped to its biggest win of the year, a comprehensive 122-66 thrashing of the Flying Hawaiians.  Team Venture improved to 3-6 and, incredibly enough, back into playoff contention.  The new guys will be staying on the squad, and Forsett -- who joined literally two minutes before kickoff -- may even start on a permanent basis.  Hoo-RAH!

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