17 November 2009

Tuesday Gridiron (10/2009)

This was supposed to be my week of reckoning.  I now faced my former brother-in-law, who three weeks ago had agreed to give me Brett Favre and LeSean McCoy for Tom Brady.  I fully expected to pay for the two wins that came from that trade, because I would now be facing Brady.

In that case, I might have lost a narrow decision, because I also managed to score only 69.26 points -- in the process, leaving more than 30 points on my bench.
  • I started St. Louis return man Danny Amendola at wide receiver because, with New Orleans scoring so often, he'd be returning a lot of kickoffs.  This tactic has worked well since I got him, but this turned out to be the one week all season when the Rams didn't suck.  That meant that Amendola didn't get many touches.  Starting Dallas WR Roy Williams would've gotten me 10.8 desperately needed points.
  • Instead of honoring my own instincts, I listened to the pundits at Yahoo! and ESPN, who all told me to start Minnesota's Chester Taylor instead of Seattle's Justin Forsett.  As a result, I lost another 19.5 points.

This snapshot of last Sunday's Lolcats Lions-Vikings game helps explain why I won, anyway.  Favre passed for 344 yards, and the Viking defense overpowered the lowly Lolcats Lions.  My Viking contingent account for almost half my scoring, but the rest of my team did more than enough to win.

Especially since my BIL had traded Brady to my nephew.

So despite all my mistakes, Team Venture picked up a 69.3-49.2 win.  We're now 3-0 since the trade, 4-6 overall and in the middle of the playoff hunt.  Right now, I like my chances.

The bad news is that with a second concussion, Brian Westbrook -- my first-round pick this year -- is out for the season, and I will have to drop him.  Weirdly enough, his troubles have improved my team dramatically.


Matty Boy said...

I've got four return guys on my team, Amendola, Jacoby Jones of the Texans, Jamaal Charles of KC and Eric Weems of the Falcons. It's feast or famine with these guys, but I've traded with my brother for Ricky Williams. My brother will only make the playoffs if there's multiple miracles, so he let me have the noted herbalist for big slow white guy Brent Celek.

Abu Scooter said...

Nice trade! I presume you've won again this week.