03 November 2009

Tuesday Gridiron: Lemons to lemonade

I was going to post a sad, sad fantasy-football story last week, but this week it got a happy sequel.

It started a week ago last night, when things were looking good. My team, named after the Venture Brothers, trailed by six points, but two players were set to play the Monday night game. If Philadelphia RB Brian Westbrook and Washington TE Chris Cooley could gain 60 yards between them, I would win the game. Since both Westbrook and Cooley both took spots in the NFL's top ten at their respective positions, this proposition looked like a sure bet. Before quarter-time, alas, Westbrook suffered a concussion and Cooley broke his leg. Their total yardage stopped at 35, sending my team crashing to 1-6.

Going into this week, things were already dicey. Besides Cooley, my quarterback and three of my four best receivers were all on a bye week.  I could replace Cooley, but that still left me with four starting spots to fill, and no good way to replace them.

In desperation, I traded for Minnesota QB Brett Favre (left) and and Lesean McCoy (center), Westbrook's backup. It wasn't cheap -- I had to send my starting QB, Tom Brady (right), packing -- but it worked spectacularly. Favre's four touchdown passes combined with a 66-yard McCoy touchdown run to power my team to victory. Despite having to play 8-on-9 (one of my backup receivers gained 0 yards), my Venture Brothers team pulled off the 87-83 upset win.

The unexpected triumph boosts me to 2-6 and out of the league cellar. Next week, Favre has a bye, so I've picked Kansas City QB Matt Cassell to relieve him. With my best receivers (and possibly Westbrook) back in action, I should have enough to make win my third game in four weeks. Go Team Venture!

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