01 March 2011

Someone proven worse than Dick Vitale

I don't know why I bother watching the men's basketball games ESPN puts on its marquee.   Within a few minutes of tuning in, Dick Vitale, Jeff van Gundy or Bobby Knight will utter something so mind-numblingly stupid, I have to punch a button on the clicker.

During tonight's Kansas State-Texas game, Knight went off on his sideline colleague.  All poor Holly Rowe did was remark that some player told his coach "my bad" in response to a mistake he made on the court.  "I know that," sneered Knight, as though saying "my bad" were a cardinal sin.  Even when he was still head coach at Indiana University (and I actually admired him!), he would fault his young players for not taking responsibility for their mistakes.  What does he do now?  Criticize young players for admitting they made a mistake.  [Thank Jeebus for Rachel Maddow.  I had somewhere to click to.]

It's power trips like this that have reduced one of the sport's greatest coaches to an arrogant, unlistenable snot.  No one knew it when it went down in 1985, but here's the moment Bobby Knight's status as a public figure jumped the shark:

While I'm here, I might as well post the highlights of the men's bracket I updated today.
  • There aren't as many cute early matchups as last week, and only one (BYU-Utah State) that's a replay of a regular season game.  But I have sent Ohio State, Xavier and Cincinnati all to the same octave.  They all play in Cleveland, but only one can advance to the regional semifinals.
  • As I thought might happen, the Big Ten contingent is shrinking, from seven teams to five.
  • First Four games:  Florida Atlantic-Hampton, Texas Southern-McNeese State, Marquette-Richmond, Wichita State-Washington. 
  • At-large changes from last week's bracket:  Virginia Tech replaces Boston College, Richmond replaces Colorado State, Gonzaga replaces Minnesota, Wichita State replaces Penn State.

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