05 March 2011

Scooter blogging: (3) The blanket is mine!

As Scooter has been demonstrating all winter, cats aren't completely colorblind.

I make my bed when I get up on weekday mornings.  On some weekends, though, I do laundry.  Since I have to climb onto the bed to get to the clothes I'll be cleaning, it makes sense to leave it undone until I'm done putting away the newly cleaned articles.

That pale green patch at the bottom of this picture is Scooter's blanket.  She's grown to love it since inheriting it from her late stepsister Galadriel.  I keep it folded on the corner of my bed, and that's where she spends much of her day, asleep.

The bed itself is on the same wall as a window that leaks cold air on windy days, so one side needs insulation.  That's why the electric-blue comforter is present.  This winter, it's served as the insulation by day, and as an extra blanket by night.

One night last October, I left the blue comforter, freshly cleaned and folded, on the bed.  Within minutes, Scooter got up from her usual blanket and laid down on the blue comforter.  Ever since then, whenever I lay the comforter out, she's moved to lie down on it.

Must be the color.

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