14 March 2010

Nailed it!

Well, that went well.

Usually, my final NCAA men's bracket projection misses 5-7 teams.  If I miss only two or three teams, that's a good year.  This year, I correctly predicted the entire field.  All 34 of my projected at-large teams made it through.  Most of them got the wrong seed -- I got the correct one for 24 of the 65 teams -- but they all made it.

I'm purring so hard, it's confusing Scooter.


Matty Boy said...

nice work.

Abu Scooter said...

Thanks, Matty. Schedule strength and RPI apparently counted a lot more to the Selection Committee this year than usual. All the at-large teams had an RPI of 50 of better, except for Florida and Minnesota.

In that sense, I got lucky, because we used the same logic.