27 March 2010

Internet weirdness from AT&T

This was not a good day for AT&T's Internet customers in the Midwest.  When I couldn't connect to either this blog or the other Google-based blogs I frequent, I figured it was just another minor Google glitch that corrects itself in a few minutes.  After several hours and a bit of research, it turned out that AT&T had been blocking access to Blogger and Blogspot.  The only affected areas are in the Midwest, where Ameritech used to provide phone service.  As of this writing, the folks who run Blogger were still working on the problem, presumably with AT&T.

I ended up having to reset the DSL modem, and that's when things got really weird.  Usually, service resumes the moment I reset the modem.  This time, though, the modem forced me to go through the AT&T setup process again.  Even worse, when I tried to run the setup through the primary computer (a Windows XP machine), both Internet Exploder and Firefox warned me that the process was taking me to an unsecured site.  To solve the problem, I had to finally call AT&T.  "Andy," the techie on the other end, did a great job, helping me run the setup manually.

The good news is that Andy did a great job.  The bad news is that AT&T has dropped the ball regarding access to Google.  I shouldn't have had to reset the modem, let alone making that tech-support call.  Grrr.

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