29 September 2009

Tuesday Gridiron (3/2009)

First of all, best wishes to USC running back Stephon Johnson, who took a horrific injury to his throat.  The details are still too horrible for me to think about, so if you haven't learned the details, you can follow this link.

Well, I was about to spend a whole blog dissecting the new jerseys the Seattle Seahawks wore two days ago (seen at right).  They aren't pretty, but the bright green isn't the problem -- it's the dark blue sleeves that make them look so bad.  (For that matter, the sleeves look awful on the Seahawks' regular home jerseys, too.)  Anyway, the new jerseys still aren't remotely as noxious as those 1940s-style rags the Buffalo Bills call their current uniforms.

In other news, I've been playing fantasy football.  And sucking at it, hard.  Last week, I lost both my #1 running back and my #1 receiver to injuries.  Tom Brady did okay for me at QB, but I was lucky to lose by only 21 points, and fall to 0-3 in the process.  Go, Team Venture?

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Matty Boy said...

I'm 1-2 at fantasy, and with better managing I could be 2-1. I benched a guy who got fined for fighting and convicted of a DUI. He had a huge game.

Obviously, there is no morals clause in a football contract.