05 February 2012

How Eli Manning can become 'elite.' And a Super Bowl prediction

What happens tonight in Indianapolis won't change my opinion of New York Giants QB Eli Manning, whose career has been no less a scramble than the one he pulled on that famous pass to David Tyree four years ago.  The Giants can win by 30 points, and he can throw for 500 yards and four touchdowns -- but even that won't make him an elite quarterback.  On the other hand, a loss won't make me think less of him.

What will put Manning among the elite is a 12-4 regular-season mark next year, followed by a win in next year's playoffs.  The Giants have done each during his tenure, but not in the same season.  If Manning does both next year, I'll call him elite.  If he keeps playing like he has recently, his chances are good.

But I can't call him elite just now.

As for tonight's game: the Giants have looked like one of those "teams of destiny," but in the last two weeks, they've been too busy talking about it.  Shut up and play, already.  Patriots, 24-16.


Matty Boy said...

Two championship rings are hard to argue with.

Abu Scooter said...

They're hard, but not impossible. Getting out of trouble is one thing. Staying out in the first place is quite another -- and Eli has yet to prove that he can do that in the regular season. Until he starts posting 10-win seasons as consistently as Brady, Brees, Rogers and his older brother, I can't put him in their division.

That said, I expect him to resolve that issue next season. Eli will be an elite, but time just has to pass.