21 May 2011

Late Friday Double: Here, have some popcorn.

I'm not sure what to make of Harold Camping's prophecy marketing campaign for his impressively wealthy radio network has been deafening.  Given that natural disasters just don't respect time-zone boundaries, his forecast of worldwide earthquakes was ridiculous on its face.  If there must be a Rapture, I'd rather see it occur this way.

On the other hand, I did discover this version of "Popcorn" this morning.  Even though the Orquesta Cubana De Música Moderna covered Gershon Kingsley's famous instrumental way back in 1972, it's still a surer sign of the apocalypse than anything Family Radio could put out.

Here's the version that became an international hit, from Hot Butter.

My cat Scooter was watching the Sharks-Canucks game rather intently last night.  That's about as much rapture as I expect to witness this weekend.

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