06 April 2011

Bloggers's block

I hate when this happens:  I spend hours working on a new blog post (this one about the Rebecca Black fiasco), make the edits, add the pictures and links, and proofread it one last time.  Upon that final review, I then realize that I've said either nothing or, even worse, overextended my logic the way Napoleon sent his armies too far.  The grammar is sound, the spelling is all correct, but the post is just an unreadable mess.

While I plot out a post that might actually work, I'll just decompress and bask in the fact that my alma mater just won the better played NCAA basketball championship game.  Whoop!


dguzman said...

Nice blog, and thanks for the link!

I kinda lost interest when A&M beat Baylor, but I wish I hadn't. Who knew?

Abu Scooter said...

Thanks, Delia. Glad the link helped.

With Maya Moore heading to the pros, UConn will again be staffed entirely by mortals. Hopefully, that will add interest to the women's bracket next year.

I was surprised to see A&M go through even one big game without choking. Three times in a row, at the end of the season? Aggie fans are happy about that, but still shocked.