02 May 2010

Belated May Day greetings

Okay, quickly:  who here's heard of "Law Day?"  That's right, none of you.  Such a day does exist here in the U.S., and it falls on 1 May.  We observe Law Day with about the same passion as, say, National Pet Dental Month.  Small wonder. The American Bar Association had Law Day created specifically as an alternative to the Communist-associated May Day.  Back in 1974, the ABA even put out a radio spot calling of Americans to celebrate Law Day:

1974 May Law Day ad

When I first heard this as a kid, in between acts of a CBS Radio Mystery Theater episode, I found the tone of the ad pretty condescending.  I knew then that some of us observed May Day as a minor equinox holiday, complete with maypoles and homemade baskets of flowers.  Apparently, the ABA feared that, if we didn't celebrate Law Day, we'd all turn into little communists.  If the ABA of the day were really more interested in promoting public service than mindless anti-Communism, it would've run a version of this ad all year long, not just ahead of 1 May.

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