20 October 2009

Tuesday Gridiron: Fear the pigeon!

It's come to this for the Oakland Raiders:

Notice how well the pigeon's feathers match it's new teammates' uniforms.  At least now the Raiders have shown some coordination this season.  Maybe this week, the Raiders can stop by Lake Merritt and sign a couple of the Canadian geese who hang out there.

Go Team Venture!  Because Yahoo couldn't handle my fantasy-football team's intended handle, "The Guild of Calamitous Intent," I named it "The Venture Brothers," instead.  So far, the team has performed as though either Dean Venture (left) or Jim Zorn (right) were coaching it.  As of 15:00 Chicago time Sunday, the Vikings' defense -- the only reliable part of my team all year long -- had just collapsed, and this Team Venture found itself staring at an 0-6 record.  But then Patriot QB Tom Brady threw six touchdown passes to stake my team to a precarious 9-point lead.  In the Monday night showdown, my kicker, Nate Kaeding, outperformed my opponent's lead running back, Ladamian Tomlinson, leaving me with a solid 13-point win.  Finally, the Venture Brothers win!

Post-ponement:  Speaking of my team's namesakes, I had planned to post a review today of the Season 4 opener of The Venture Bros., which first aired Sunday night.  It's not too difficult to follow the timeline in Episode 40, but nor is it straightforward.  Fortunately, Cartoon Network has decided to re-air the episode every school night this week.  I'll have more to say next Monday, but I can now give it a rating of 8.7 out of 10.  The episode has one element that cost it a full point.

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